Cousins at Play

I had another one of those, “Fall off the blogging earth,” type weeks. I wish I could say there was a reason, but in reality, there was just a lot of stuff going on and my sad little brain was having a hard time coordinating it all and typing creatively. Or typing at all.

Monday I kept Tate home from school because my cousin Jessica was coming through with her two kids on their way down from Seattle. We had all planned to visit OMSI, but I completely forgot, until she called from the parking lot, that OMSI is closed on Mondays. So, plan B, they all came over and hung out for a bit and then headed over to Playdate PDX.

The kids had the best time. A is seven and was so nice to Derek and J is only six weeks younger than Tate, so they were fast friends. Playdate PDX was as uncrowded as I’ve ever seen it, so Derek was able to go in and play with the big kids without me following him around like a giant stalker. Every now and then I’d spot his hair standing straight up as he came flying off the end of the big slide.

As we were leaving Tate was so sad and told me that he wanted them to come back to our house to play and come to his birthday party. And A had invited us all up to Seattle to stay with them. It’s inexplicably heartwarming to see your kids bond so quickly with family members they see so rarely. Love it.

At the end of the day we tried to take a photo of the four of them. You can see how that went:

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